Atlas: A New Way of Non-Profiting

We here at Atlas are incredibly honored that our work co-founding Atlas, fighting human trafficking, and empowering young people has earned Atlas’ director a spot on Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list in law and policy. In case you’re visiting us for the first time, here’s our own list:

                                                  Ten Things to Know About Atlas DIY


1) We are a cooperative. We empower by putting the power in young people’s hands. Less than one third of our board and 1/3 of our staff is over the age of 25, members vote, work on a time bank and basically run the show.

2) Our mission is to empower, educate, and advocate WITH (not for) undocumented immigrant youth and their allies.

3) As of 12/12/12 (lucky!) we are a 501c3 charitable organization, recognized by the IRS.

3) In the past year since we have been open we have done just that, signing up over 150 members from 27 countries and logging over 1,000 hours in our time bank. Welcome to our borderless world

4) Our innovative programming and proven track record has gained us respect from and partnerships with other leading organizations such as RAP, NYSYLC, and the Vera Institute.

5) Our ADIY webseries has educated thousands of youth about their rights in the US and our youtube page teaching dreamers about deferred action has amassed over 62,000 hits since launching in August.

6) And in speaking about DEFERRED ACTION, in July we formed a partnership with Brooklyn Law School. We are currently representing 57 Dreamers in their applications and have already won work authorization and temporary status for our clients. We also lawyer differently and our new ACCESS program received a prestigious Flom Incubator Grant.

group 7) But we’re not just about immigration legal assistance. We were featured on All Things Considered regarding the effect of hurricane Sandy on Undocumented people and this summer our college CAMP program took 8 young people to visit colleges through New England after completing an intensive four week training program at our office in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Our arts CASA program acts as a support group, creative outlet, and advocacy-promoting weekly group, run every Sunday.

8) We are now seen as experts in the field of supporting undocumented and trafficked youth and have been invited to publish in law journals, act as advisors for local government, and spoken at conferences and on advisory boards.

9) Most importantly, we are here for young people who need a vehicle in which to drive their passion and prismaexplore their abilities. Atlas is needed. We are a resource, a support system and, for many, Atlas is “home”

10) Finally, we need your help, if you believe in what we are doing, what to encourage an innovative, forward thinking new non profit, or want to honor someone you know who fights for what is right, consider making a donation to Atlas DIY and help us help immigrants help themselves.

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One Response to “Atlas: A New Way of Non-Profiting”
  1. Kathy Walsh says:

    Fantastic News for Atlas! Continue the great work!

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